Street Children

Street children is a way we use to describe kids that are homeless and abandoned by their parents or maybe their parents already died. Street children is a very hard problem to solve by either the government, the society, or the religious order because without the motivation from the kids themselves, they will be stuck on the street forever.

So, who responsible for this?

Everybody is responsibled for this problem. But mostly, because majority of street children are caused by poverty, the most responsibled party is the government. We often heard a term “Welfare State” that means that a nation is responsibled to welfare their citizens. In other words, if there are many people who are in deep poverty, stuck in the street, the government must do something because they are the most responsible party for that problem.

Besides, we as the part of the society also have reponsible for street children because they are the part of the country as well as the part of the society. Religius orders have responsibility too, because their religions tell them to do so and they are the part of the society as well as the nation.

In my personal opinion, no matter who is responsible for this matter, street children need help and assistance.

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