Android’s Mushrooming

Galaxy Nexus 2

Android-based devices have been mushrooming, and there’s no doubt about it. Those tech-savvy android users claim that the operating system quality, which covers up speed, stability, and usability, is the key factor to android success. To be honest, I’m quite impressed by android flagphones. The super-smartphone SGSII. Or the nexus family successor, Galaxy Nexus. They are some sort of 2011 gadget masterpiece. Their hardware and softwares are built for each other. Yet, do they represent the success of android operating system?

They are android finest, but, they are not the android. They are types of the android. They aren’t what make an android an android.And, there are still so many other android devices in the wild. How often do we meet android devices, or their ads, like this?

Capacitive touchscreen. Trackball navigation. 2 megapixels camera. Android 1.5 Cupcake

Trackpad. VGA Touchscreen. 3 megapixels camera. Built-in TV tuner. Android 2.1 Eclair.

Don’t argue me with comments such as “I never heard that  before” or whatsoever. What I’m telling you (I’m not trying, i’m telling it!) is:

Yes, android’s mushrooming. From nicely built flagdevices ’till ones that the owner itself doesn’t know what’s the device name, let alone it’s operating system, and money-back-guarantee for the unknown android version. Do you think android has been running on its right path?

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